At the end of January of this year I had a rather embarrassing moment at an event. The sewing on the side of my top gave way and left me with a major rip! Thankfully it was late at night, the place was dark and nobody noticed. Nobody but me.

I was mortified and as soon as I got home I sat staring at the top for what felt like hours and wondered if this was a sign that the time had come to stop making excuses and actually use the gym membership that I had been paying for for months.

Within a week of that incident, I reached out to a trainer that worked at the gym and started working with him. He was tough and very no nonsense but my stubborn ass and my stubborn fat needed that tough love. He worked with me on on fixing my diet, and gave me exercises that not only tested my body challenged my mind. The progress was evident and not only did I look better but I felt better as well!

Fast forward to April I moved from 198lbs to 182lbs. 16lbs in under three months. I was more than happy with my progress but then I got complacent. Work became hectic and my 3 days in the gym became 2 and then became 1. I knew I was slipping but I told myself If I just make it through April, May would be better. I’d definitely get back on track in May.

Then came May. And I made a valiant attempt for the first week to hit the workouts. My body ached like it did back in January and I felt the pains of losing my momentum. I was making positive strides I had to start preparing for a major life adjustment. You I had intended to migrate from Jamaica to Canada in June of this year but at the beginning of May all the paperwork came through and I was much too excited. So I moved up my departure date.

With that everything I had to do in two months now had to be squeezed into three weeks. So I had to prioritize what I could do with the very limited time I had. As you might have guessed, I cancelled my gym membership and had a conversation with my trainer to let him know that I’d be moving country so we had to part ways.

I landed in Canada at the end of May and I have been loving it here since. I spent about three weeks at home being a bum before I found a job that I absolutely love! In all that time, I ate Tostitos and watched tv to pass the days until my husband would come home from work. I avoided the scale in our house like the plague although I could tell by just how I felt that I was regaining the weight I had worked so hard to lose.

When I finally gave in to the temptation and stepped on the scale one afternoon, I had to quickly take a seat in the sofa. 192lbs it said! I had lost 16 lbs earlier this year but my lack of commitment and lack of activity resulted in me regaining 10lbs. As quickly as it had gone, just as quickly was it returning.

I knew I couldn’t continue down the road I was on so I started making small changes in how I was eating and I started doing some light exercises at home. And over the past three weeks I have made some progress.

So… I’ve aid all this to say that this journey that I started in January is far from over. I have stumbled and I have fallen but now it is time for me to get back up again.

Today I reaffirmed my position that I can be healthy and fit an dI will be healthy and fit! I haven’t joined a gym but I will be working out at home daily for the next 30 days.

I will be doing Sean T’s Cize and dancing like no one’s watching in the comfort of my own home. While simultaneously monitoring what I eat for optimum results.

Today is day 1 again… My weight 188.6lbs and my waist 43″. Follow me for the next 30 days and cheer me on along the way!

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