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    What’s on your life list?

    While doing some research today I came across Danny Dover and his story is nothing short of inspiring.  In 2010 he created a lost of more than 150 life goals and set a deadline of May 25, 2017 to achieving them. He tattooed his deadline on his butt and set out to achieve his goals.

    Danny documented his adventures and shares them with the world over at https://www.lifelisted.com/

    Now Danny in his bid to give back creates a monthly life list that he shares with his community and I’m adopting the list for October.  It doesn’t hurt that his list is Fun, Free and Local; three things that I love 🙂

    A New Monthly Life List (October 2018): Fun, Free and Local

    Danny’s list has a deadline of October 31st and include the following;

    • Walk on a street that you have never been on before
    • Drink only water for one day (food is okay)
    • Be extra kind to someone
    • Give a firm handshake
    • Look someone in the eyes when talking to them
    • Listen to falling water (pour it if you have to)
    • Take a moment to laugh about nothing
    • Kiss someone
    • Spent five extra minutes grooming yourself
    • Stop what you are doing and smell flowers

    Seems easy enough so let’s go.

    #letskeepdreaming #dontforgettolive