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    The Dream List

    Today I’m starting a dream list… A list of things I dream of doing, places I dream of going and people I dream of meeting!

    For years I’ve thought about my bucket list and all the things I want to do in this world, but I’ve never been able to put together an actual list together. Maybe because I’m the queen of procrastination or maybe because subconsciously I have a problem with making a list of things to do before I “kick the bucket”. The list for me has a sense of finality, like once I’ve done these things then that will be it for me, but while sitting in this quiet apartment in Queens, NY trying to figure out what my first post on this new website should be it hit me… Why not make a dream list? Being here in this moment is something I’ve dreamt about for years and here I am.

    So… Let’s Keep Dreaming.

    My Dream List

    • Visit Every parish in Jamaica
    • Visit every continent
    • Visit New York (USA) (Oct. 4-14, 2018)
    • Learn to Swim
    • Do the jump at Rick’s Café (Jamaica)
    • Visit Curacao
    • Visit Toronto
    • Visit Panama
    • Paris
    • Barcelona
    • Australia
    • Go on a cruise with my girls
    • Go on a cruise with my family
    • Become a published author
    • Run a successful website with over 100K readers/followers
    • Be on the Ellen Show

    We’ll check things off this list as I achieve them so stay with me on my journey as I keep dreaming.